Zensah 15-20 mmHg Compression Socks for Men in Electric Blue

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Zensah 15-20 mmHg Calf High Gradient Compression Socks for Men in Electric Blue; get fresh legs!
Zensah Compression Socks incorporate ProGrade Compression Technology. Developed with the optimal amount of compression to increase oxygen blood flow which can enhance an athlete's performance. Special arch support allows your legs to last longer. Engineered using seamless technology which ensures superior comfort. Graduated compression provides muscle support, increases circulation and reduces edema when traveling. Zensah Fabric is both anti-microbial, and thermo-regulating which keeps your legs cool in hot weather and comfortable in cold weather. Great for racing, recovery and traveling. The number one compression sock for runners, triathletes, and world travelers. Get fresh legs! • Zensah Fabric
Anti-microbial, Thermal Regulating, Moisture Wicking, and Ultra-Breathable. • Ergonomic Fit
Seamless technology and superior design ensures maximum comfort and relief. • Dual Action Support
This Compression Leg Sleeve provides 360 degree support for both the calf and shin. • Pin-Point Compression
Gradient Compression increases circulation and increases oxygen blood flow for maximum relief. • Chevron Ribbing
Same taping schematic used by athletic trainers to help prevent shin splints. Benefits:
• Increased Circulation • Relief from Aches & Pains • Decreased Swelling when Traveling • Cool and Soothing Comfort Ideal care for Zensah apparel is machine wash cold, and delicate machine dry. 15-20 mmHg Moderate Gradient Compression Indication Guide: Discomfort from spider veins Relief from minor leg & ankle swelling Relief from minor edema / lymphedema Relief of tired aching legs Relief of leg discomfort during pregnancy Minor varicose veins For wear following sclerotherapy Orthostatic hypotension Postural hypotension Helps Prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
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