Sock-eez Compression Stocking & Sock Removal Device

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Sock-Eez is one of the newest available products to help make your life easier. Recommended for easier compression stocking removal of 20-30 mmHg & 30-40 mmHg knee high support hose. Eliminate the struggle from removing those tight compression hose. If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or just not as strong in the hands as you used to be and need that little bit extra to help remove your garments at the end of the day, look no further!
1. To use Sock-eez, follow these simple directions. Practice a couple times and you will get the hang of it and be removing your compression garments quickly and easily.
It is important to be in a seated position. To begin, place the lanyard on wrist and slide the far end tip of the Sock-eez under the top band of the sock, at the back of the leg. It is helpful at this stage to keep the heel on the floor for stability.
2. With the toes pointing upward, this allows the back of the leg and foot to become as straight as possible. This action will promote an easy slide down the back of the leg towards the heel. It is important to push slowly so the tip of the Sock-eez remains between the skin and the garment always. The hook gently forces and gathers the sock as you push downward toward the heel. Slow and easy to help protect your compression garment.
3. Once the far end tip of the Sock-eez reaches the heel, point the toes down. At this stage, you can either pull the foot out of the sock or continue to push the sock off with the Sock-eez. It is very important to always keep your toes pointed down at this final stage to insure an easy removal of the sock.
4. Socks off with ease! For removal of the compression stocking or sock on the left leg, position the Sock-eez on the inside of the leg, and repeat the previous steps steps 1 thru 3. A little practice and you will be proficient in removing your compression stockings and socks. No more asking your spouse or loved one for assistance.
Go ahead, be independent.
Due to the size and special packaging needed to ship the Sock-eez, there is a flat rate Shipping fee of $4.50 for this item which is not included with the Free Shipping offer for orders over $30. Please purchase the Sock-eez separately from your Compression Socks or Stockings.
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