Sigvaris CoolFlex Standard 20-40 mmHg Compression Arm Wrap

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The Sigvaris CoolFlex Standard Arm Compression Wrap is a comfortable option for post-surgical edema, lymphedema stage I or II, lipedema and non-specific edema. This inelastic garment provides mild to moderate compression and containment while allowing airflow to the arm. Promotes healing, reduces irritation and does not hold moisture.
For left or right arm
Measure accurately for proper fit

20-40 mmHg compression
Comes with one pair of cotton liners
Lightweight breathable mesh material with padding at wrist and axilla
Pleated elbow area for extra comfort and flexibility, full use of arm
Cylindrical product shape to support application
Easy to grasp closure bands makes it easy to put on and remove

Fabric made of:
Coolflex breathable material

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Arm Sleeve Measuring Instructions

Wrist Measurement

Measure the wrist circumference at the narrowest part of the wrist.

Elbow Measurement

Measure the elbow circumference at the elbow crease.

Axilla Measurement

Measure the axilla (underarm) circumference just underneath the armpit.

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