Sigvaris Arion Sim-slide Donning & Doffing Aid For Open Toe Compression Stockings

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For use with open-toe compression stockings. A special coating on the Sim-Slide reduces friction when putting on and taking off compression stockings, which makes donning easier.
simslidesizechart Problem:
For both caregivers and patients, the problem of donning compression stockings and tights occurs on a daily basis. Donning and removing compression stockings can cause physical strain. Patients who are able to carry out the operation independently may find the process to be increasingly difficult. This often has a direct effect on therapy compliance.

Sim-Slide has been specifically designed to alleviate the problems experienced when donning and removing compression stockings and tights with an open toe. Sim-Slide is made of very smooth material, which has been treated with a special coating. Together with the dual-layer application, this coated material creates a super-smooth aid that reduces friction significantly. The friction reduction of Sim-Slide helps to minimize the physical strain otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. In turn, this has a positive effect on the therapy compliance of patients. With clear and simple instructions, patients have the freedom and convenience of independently donning and removing open toe compression hosiery.

Sim-Slide provides an effective solution for patients who wear compression stockings and tights with open toe. Thanks to Sim-Slide, hosiery can now be donned and removed without difficulty. Sim-Slide is an essential aid for caregivers who need to put on and remove their patient's compression hosiery on a daily basis.

Product benefits:
• Two in one
• Reduction of physical strain for both caregiver and user
• Increase in patients independence and therapy compliance
• Stockings retain therapeutic graduated compression longer
• Easy to use
• Saves time and money
• Durable
• Take it anywhere

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