Medi Sheer & Soft 8-15 mmHg Closed Toe Compression Pantyhose

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Medi Sheer & Soft 8-15 mmHg Closed Toe Compression Pantyhose Mediven Sheer & Soft Support Hose; combining fashion, comfort and medical efficacy without compromise. Medi Sheer & Soft is specifically designed for fashion conscious patients who demand the best-looking medical compression available. Ideal for both day and evening wear, only you will know that Sheer & Soft is a medical compression stocking! Support hosiery that are easy to don, comfortable to wear, and moisture regulating, yet not forgetting that medical aspect, Mediven Sheer & Soft is high effective at optimizing leg health. • Attractive in Appearance • Modern in Style • Latex Free • Item# 026 8-15 mmHg Gradient Compression Indication Guide: Discomfort from spider veins Relief from minor leg swelling Relief of tired aching legs Relief of leg discomfort during pregnancy Minor varicose veins For wear following sclerotherapy SheerandSoft8-15-Elegance12-16 New Page 1
Mediven Sheer & Soft 8-15 mmHg Closed Toe Pantyhose - 026
Size Natural Ebony Wheat
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Pantyhose Measuring Instructions

For 8-15, 12-16, and some 15-20 mmHg socks and stockings, all you'll need to determine your size is your shoe size. Full knee-high measuring instructions are below if needed.

Knee High Measuring Instructions

Ankle Measurement

Measure around your ankle (this measurement is called the circumference). Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, about half an inch above the ankle bone.

Note: This must always be your first measurement

Calf Measurement

Find the widest part of your calf. Measure the circumference of your calf.

Thigh Measurement

Find the widest part of your thigh - right under your buttocks. Measure the circumference of this part of your thigh.

Leg Length

Measure the distance from the bottom of your buttocks to the floor.

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