CEP Unisex Dynamic Compression Forearm Sleeves

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HCPCS Code / CPT Code: A6533
CEP forearm sleeves are an exceptionally durable and comfortable garment that not only provides support and protection for sports but is great for improving circulation during other daily activities as well. While this German-made product is great for such physical recreation as rock climbing, tennis and basketball, this forearm sleeve is also effective for manual labor, typing, construction and other work in which there is heavy reliance on the hands. Sold as a pair. Comes in black with grey logo and white with black logo. Features: • Pressure-free cuffs • Reduces fatigue in the forearms • Allows for a stronger, longer-lasting grip • Specific sizing which ensures optimal compression effect • Special blend of fibers provide management of heat and moisture • Dynamic compression stabilizes muscles, which improves performance and reduces risk of injury Material made of: • 80% nylon (polyamide) • 20% spandex (elastane) Machine wash with cold water and machine dry on low heat. Do not use bleach or Woolite.
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Arm Sleeve Measuring Instructions

Wrist Measurement

Measure the wrist circumference at the narrowest part of the wrist.

Elbow Measurement

Measure the elbow circumference at the elbow crease.

Axilla Measurement

Measure the axilla (underarm) circumference just underneath the armpit.

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