CEP Ortho+ 20-30 mmHg Ankle Support Compression Socks for Men

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CEP Ortho+ 20-30 mmHg Ankle Support Socks for men with graduated compression are specifically designed for prevention of ankle injury. Adhering to top quality control standards, this garment is comprised of SMARTMEMORY foam pads which massage deep tissue. This results in a speedier recovery and increased micro-circulation. Swelling will be reduced, while muscles and tendons are stabilized. Made in Germany. Features and benefits: • Latex-free • Microfiber yarn • Color is black with green logo • Full support, graduated compression • Extra durable as a result of filament fibers • Exact anatomical fit produces best functionality • Foam pad is precisely snug against tendon contour • Advanced synthetic fibers absorb moisture, thereby deterring odor and bacteria Fabric made of: • 84% polyamide • 16% elastane cepmensorthoach
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